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Major Bentley Restoration to debut at The Footman James Classic Car Show Manchester

Created on Thursday, 14 Sep 2017 07:05:13

Show exhibitors H Horsfield & Son will be showing the finished result of a huge project at the show, here;s what they say about it:

The Bentley Mk. VI was Britain’s first post-war luxury car. The car was built with consummate attention to detail, and to the highest standards using traditionally British techniques. Included among these was the use of a separate frame so that customers seeking individual coachwork could buy chassis only and have them shipped to the coachbuilder of their choice to be fitted with a custom body.

This exquisite example of a 1948 ‘special’ follows this great tradition, with a total rebuild of the body ‘from the chassis up’ using time honoured methods and 3 generations coach building expertise, with a solid wood Birch frame, finished in a Brewster Green hand rolled Aluminium body - in homage to the late 20’s classics.

Please join us, and spend a few minutes admiring the vehicle and learning more about its journey from a rusty barn find to todays outstanding example of automotive art.

Find out more about H Horsfield & Son at:


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