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Live Rally Action!

Classic Rally stage at The Footman James Classic Car Show Manchester.

So popular – they'll be back again this year tearing up the EventCity car parks!

Do you remember the days when Rallying was on national telly on a Saturday afternoon? Remember the days when well over a million people reputedly spectated on the RAC Rally? Remember why it was so popular? Group B is why! Group B Rally cars took the evolution of rallying to new levels. Light weight composite panels, four wheel drive systems, complex turbo and supercharging produced final versions which, with in excess of 600bhp, could out-accelerate formula 1 cars of the period – on gravel!

See some of these motorsport icons at the show driving on a special demonstration ‘stage’ just outside the halls three times a day, plus other classic rally cars from the 'golden era' of rallying! See and hear some of the most iconic classic rally cars, at The Footman James Classic Car Show Manchester.

The period between 1982 and 1986 was the pinnacle of rallying’s popularity spectator-wise. In these days where health and safety are paramount, it’s almost impossible to comprehend the then-scenes of thousands of spectators scattering as a fire belching, turbocharged, 4wd monster came screaming towards them at full-tilt. Ironically this interest (particularly in countries like Portugal where fans would stand within inches of the speeding cars) largely led to Group B’s demise after some tragic incidents led to a ban on Group B cars for being ‘too fast’, when the real problem was more that they were attracting crowds that were ‘too big’ and unmanageable.

Luckily clubs like Rallying With Group B ensure that these cars and other classic rally cars survive and are regularly still driven in anger in competition and demonstration stages (like ours) even today. Don’t miss it!

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