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George Best's E-Type at The Footman James Classic Car Show manchester

Created on Saturday, 10 Oct 2015 21:31:55

George Best’s E-Type at The Footman James Classic Car Show Manchester. 

One of the ‘star cars’ at The Footman James Classic Car Show Manchester next weekend (Sept 19&20) is set to be an E-Type Jaguar once owned by none other than one of the world’s greatest footballers – George Best. 

The previous owner was an elderly gentleman who was completely unaware of its special history when purchasing the car, but it came to light after typing in the registration in a google search. We assume he was rather pleased and decided to sell it on! 

The current owner tells us ‘the car itself is in generally excellent condition, very original, a very good running and driving car, MOT’d and on the road with 67,000 miles. As far as I’m aware George owned three E-Types: One is owned by Eagle E-Types, one has not been taxed for 30 years (whereabouts unknown) and this one. This is unusual as it has a blue velour interior and, even stranger, a red headlining. I assume he had the headlining changed.’

You can see the car among amongst hundreds of other amazing classics, sports and supercars at The Footman James Classic Ca Show Manchester, EventCity, this weekend of September the 19th & 20th

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