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2017 Exhibitors

Company Web Page Stand No
Adam Wilson   3PE57
ADO16.Info International 387
Adrian Culley   3PE59
Ads Verbatim   AJ32
Alan Ashall   CONCOURS HALL 4
Amanda Fields   3PE6
American Auto Club Northwest 3120
Andy Talbot   3PE47
Aston Martin Owners Club 3112
Austin A30/A35 Owners Club 378
Austin Healey Club 366
Austin Maxi Owners Club 377
Avenger Sunbeam Owners Club 3128
B & T Ford   3PE73
Barrie Sharples   3PE46
Barry Jones   3PE33
Bikers Lock (UK) Ltd 320
Boundless by CSMA 3144
BrakeQuip 342
British Leyland Enthusiasts   338
Capri MK1 Owners Club 389
Cheshire Capri Club 393
Cheshire Classic Car Club 240
Chris Boffey   CONCOURS HALL 4
Christian Lloyd   3PE70 & 3PE71
Chrostopher Kelly   3PE31
Citroen Car Club 434
CJ Autos (Heywood) Ltd 364 & 374
Clark Bridge   3PE15
Classic & Vintage Bulbs AJ58
Classic Corvette Club UK 361
Cooper Sport & Mini 2000 Registers 337
Cortina Mk3 Club 418
Darren Harwood   3PE1
Dave Brown & Hilary Wallwork   4PE1
Dave Dixon   3PE16
David Leaff   3PE11
David Massey   3PE4
David Rodgers   3PE25
David Wolfman   3PE37
Dean Rodgers   3PE50/3PE51
Delorean Owners Club 385
Diecast Collectables AJ56
Discount Workwear AJ24
DNA Owners Club 348
Dogs Trust 355
Double Tee Tools AJ104
Doug Rushton   3PE48
Extra Sexy Classics   232
Faher UK AJ14
Fiat 500 Club 3108
Fiat Motor Club GB 446
Footman James 419
Ford Anglia 105E Owners Club 212
Ford Cabriolet Owners Club 326
Ford Sidevalve Owners Club 3134
Furniture Clinic Ltd AJ60
Gary & George Dunn   3PE29 & 3PE30
Gay Classic Car Group (GCCG) 3146
Gerald McWhinnie   3PE14
Gideon Mayers   CONCOURS HALL 4
Graham Walton   CONCOURS HALL 4
Gregory Jackson   CONCOURS HALL 4
Group B Motorsport 3110
GT40 Enthusiasts Club 400
H Horsfield & Son Ltd 429
Healy Designs 330
Heinkel Trojan Club Ltd 422
Hillman Owners Club 3130
Ian & Nathan Mills   CONCOURS
Ian Whitaker   3PE35
Italian Replica Club 308
Jaguar Drivers Club Ltd 3114
Jaguar Enthusiasts'  Club 236
Jamie Edlington   3PE43
Jensen Owners Club 3111
John Monkman   AJ28
John Pickworth   3PE55
Julian Davies   3PE17
Keith Rowbottom   3PE40
Keith Wrigley   4PE5
KGC Engineering 372
Kyle Brindle   3PE10
Lancashire Vehicle Club 304
Landcrab Owners Club International 359D
LB Restoration Services 362
Leather Repair Company AJ80
Les Wade   3PE58
Lollipoppy 340
Maestro & Montego Owners Club   336
Mark Edwards   3PE44 & 3PE45
Mark McClelland   2PE1
Mark Misiura   CONCOURS HALL 4
Martin Holland   3PE49
Matra Enthusiasts Club UK 392
Matt Arcus   3PE34
Matt Whiteley   2PE2
Matthew Haworth   CONCOURS HALL 4
Matthew, Janice & Dave Norris   3PE7/3PE8/3PE9
Melvyn Fellows   3PE53
Mercedes-Benz Club 3140
MG Car Club North West Centre 395
MG FWD Register  
MG Octagon Car Club 396
Middlebridge Enthusiasts Scimitar Set 3115
Mike Flanagan   3PE2
Millers Oils Limited 358
Millingtons Models AJ42
MINI Y REGister 336
Minor LCV Register   359C
MK1 Cortina Owners Club 448
MK1 Performance Conversions Group   438
MKIV Supra Owners Club 226
Morris Minor OC (Potteries)   359B
Morris Register 359A
Moss Manchester 350
MR2 Drivers Club Ltd 224
MX5 Owners Club Cheshire & N.Wales 312
Neil Barker   2PE3
Neil Carr   3PE5
Nick Brough   3PE54
North Manchester Classic Mini Club 302
Northern Nova Group 306
Northwest Propshafts 363
Opel GT UK Owners Club 349
P6 Rover Owners Club 417
Paint Strip (Ribble Technology) Ltd 384
Panther Car Club Ltd 444
Paul Clappison   CONCOURS HALL 4
Paul Cockcroft   3PE18
Paul Sherrington   3PE20/3PE21
Paul Symonds   3PE26
Paul Thorpe   3PE68
Paul Tubby   CONCOURS HALL 4
Paul Yates   3PE38
Peter Bell   3PE12
Peter Gunn   3PE52
Peugeot Sport Club UK 424
Pieroth Wine Ltd 353
Police Car UK 439
Pop Parts Plus Ltd AJ26
Porsche 924 Owners Club 331
Principal Insurance 365
Quick Start AJ18
Rainy City Old Boys   324
Range Rover Register 399
Reliant Sabre & Scimitar Owners Club 408
Retro Caravan Club 3148
RM Toys AJ92
Rob Meneice   3PE19
Robert Connolly   3PE41
Robert Ottewill   4PE2
Rochdale Owners Club 328
Rochdale Vintage & Collectors Club   404
Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club 406
Rover 200 & 400 Owners Club 388
Rover P6 Club 386
Rover SD1 Club 376
Rover Sports Register 375
RS Owners Club Manchester Group   3132
S T Motors Ltd 416
Saab Owners Club GB Ltd 426
Sam Darley   4PE4
Sarah Mills   3PE33
Simon Gothard   3PE56
Simon McNamara   CONCOURS
South Lancs Minis & Classics 220
Stag Owners Club 397
Steindl Tools AJ10
Stephen Brearley   3PE39
Stephen Tennick   3PE36
Steve Brolan   3PE69
Steve Kirby   3PE27 & 3PE28
Steve Proudlove   4PE3
Steve Roberts   3PE72
Stewart Miller & Peter James Insurance 3125
Stonerig Raceway 379
Strongman Tools 382
Stuart Chance   3PE74
Stuart Turp   CONCOURS HALL 4
Sunbeam Lotus Owners Club 367
Tame Valley Vintage & Classic CC   214
Tameside Car Collectors 242
Terry Sales   3PE42
Tesla Motors Ltd 3142
The Number Plate Centre AJ16
The Riley R.M. Club 442
The RS500 402
Top Boss Classy Classics 222
TR Drivers Club 234
TR Register Red Rose 412
Traction Owners Club 432
Triumph 2000, 2500 & 2.5 Register  
Triumph Sports Six Club   409
TVR Car Club 359
Vacwash Spares AJ98
Vauxhall Cavalier and Chevette Club 318
Vauxhall FD Register 316
Vauxhall Viva Owners Club 327
Vintage Racewear AJ76
Volvo Enthusiasts Club 436
Volvo Owners Club 3126
Wolseley Register 230
XJS Club 368
Young Guns Classics 414


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