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Dream Rides for Charity with The Sporting Bears Motor Club

Visitors to this year’s Footman James Classic Car Show Manchester will also be able to take a 5-10 mile passenger ride in some truly iconic classic, sports and supercars while helping a children’s charity.

The Sporting Bears Motor Club will raise money for charity at the show by giving passenger rides in their members’ wonderful cars in exchange for a donation to charity. What a great way to give to charity, while at the same time having perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

We’re anticipating the Sporting Bears Motor Club, once again, offering a fantastic collection of classic, sports and supercars for the visitors to take a ‘Dream Ride’ in. 

It’s not unusual for them to bring cars as diverse as the popular ‘my Dad had one of those ’classics for a road trip down memory lane, right through to the latest Lamborghini/Ferrari/McLaren supercars. All the owners give their time (and petrol!) free of charge and absolutely 100% of the donations per-ride goes directly to their nominated childrens charity.

Full details of all the cars, appropriate donation amounts and bookings will be taken on the day/each day of the show from the Sporting Bears Motor Club Stand within the halls. In the meantime find out more by visiting




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