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Dream Rides for Charity with The Sporting Bears Motor Club

The Sporting Bears, very unfortunately, will not be running their Dream Rides for charity from outside the 2017 show.

This is purely because of the ongoing Metro-Link roadworks in the area which currently occupies both their A and B routes out on the public roads. After much deliberation, and after looking at all the alternatives, they have decided to take a year out while these infrastructure works are completed and to return in 2018. This is the last thing ‘The Bears’ wanted to do, (they always raise lots of money when they operate from just outside this event) but ultimately they felt that they wouldn’t be able to give the public the best possible experience in return for their donations. For example, a several-mile ride out in a modern supercar would typically attract a donation of about £90-£120. Great, if you have a relatively open road so you can experience the acceleration and handling, not so great if you’re in a contraflow doing 25mph. Hence, they feel it’s better all-round to leave it until next time, returning in 2018, when they will be able to offer participants the best experience. Sporting Bears has never been part of the ticket price of the show (they always operate in public space in front of the venue where anyone can view/take part) so ticket values are unaffected, but please ‘bear’ in mind in case you were planning to take a ride with them this year.

Returning in 2018!





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