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Clubs At The Show

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The Footman James Classic Car Show Manchester is a real celebration for people who just love cars. No one group of people are more crucial to keeping classic cars on the road than Car Clubs. Car clubs range from your local multi-marque club (they might every month in the local pub car park), through to national and international single marque clubs with many thousands of members. These clubs have national gatherings, race meentings and elaborate ralliies/tours all over the world. Most can help owners with parts, restoration and maintenence advice too.

We have nearly 100 clubs in the show. Some local/regional and some national/international. We really try to embrace the whole scene, reflect it, and showcase it to our visitors. Car clubs always need NEW MEMBERS! If you're new to classic car ownership or maybe you're thinking about restoring a car you've had sitting in the garage for years - the show is a great place to find a clubs that can help you enjoy your pride and joy, whatever it may be.

Clubs are at the show to show you their wonderful cars (of course) but also - don't be shy - they're also here to find new members and to chat with like-minded folk about all things classic car!

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