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The Autobrite Direct Concours - Competition hots up!

Created on Tuesday, 24 Jul 2018 16:52:26

The Autobrite Direct LTD Concours at this years The Footman James Classic Car Show Manchester will be hotly contested. Not least because one of the entrants has just won top honours at Waxstock! Mark Stewart with his immaculate 'time-warp' XR3i. 

Mark tells us 'I’m overwhelmed to have won the prestigious Detailing World Showdown at Waxstock. I didn’t expect to be anywhere near the top 16, never mind winning the whole kit and caboodle! The Saturday judging was to try and get into a group called the top 16. If you make it into that group, then you’re rigorously judged by 5 of the world’s top detailers using a points system and they pick 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Car-wise it’s never been restored and totally original, currently on 16k miles. It did 9k miles in its 1st year and was sent back to the Ford dealer to be prepared for storage, it was then put into storage until 2008. I bought it in 2016 and it was covered in wax oil. I spent months and months getting it up to this standard while trying to keep it original. It still had the original tyres on and although still good, I have replaced them with new ones of the period, just for safety reasons. Looking forward to taking part in the Autobrite Direct LTD Concours at The Footman James Classic Car Show Manchester at EventCity on Sept 15th & 16th.' 

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